Albia's Historic Square

Welcome To Albia

Welcome to the City of Albia's website! We are excited to have this website to communicate with our citizens and visitors.

City of Albia will stride to give up to date information to make sure our citizen’s are well-informed. We want to make this website the best it can be. Feedback from our citizen’s and visitors will be welcomed.

The regular city council meeting on Monday Feb 6th is moved to Wednesday Feb 8th

Property For Sale

The City of Albia will start the sale of derelict city owned properties.
Offer applications can be found below or Albia City Hall.

Bids will not be accepted without offer application and a plan for the property.

The city of Albia is now accepting offer applications for:
115 D Ave West , Albia IA 52531 Starting Bid : $5,000
Zone: Industrial

Submit offer application to: Albia City Hall Attention City Clerk

Deadline : February 6, 2023 @12:00 p.m.

Sealed Bids For Tree Removal

The City of Albia will accept sealed bids for the removal and stump grinding of 30 trees around the square and a block off. Sealed Bids will be accepted until Feb 6, 2023 at 5 pm. Bids should be submitted to City Hall, 120 South A St, Albia, IA 52531

Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund

Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund provides safe and affordable housing to low and moderate income residents located in Appanoose, Lucas, Monroe and Wayne Counties in Iowa. Our purpose is to improve housing by providing grants or loans for home improvements, repairs, or removal of blighted materials(demolition).

Any homeowner living in Appanoose, Lucas, Monroe, or Wayne counties may qualify for a grant or loan depending on income. Maximum assistance for a grant or loan is $12,000 per household.

Repairs eligible for assistance but not limited to: Roofs, windows, siding, handicapped accessibility, electrical updates, insulation, furnace replacements, painting, demolition, plumbing repairs, porch removal or repair, septic tank/sewer improvements, hot water heater replacement.

If you need help with your home contact Rachel Hoffman Executive Director 641-436-1775

Brick the Pool

The city of Albia will be selling bricks that will be placed on the island in front of the pool. Each brick will cost $50.00. The bricks can be inscribed following the directions below. The proceeds from the selling of the bricks will be used to beautify our pool. We will be selling the bricks until all of them are gone. The bricks will be placed next spring for your viewing. You can purchase your brick at City Hall.

Directions for inscription:


Albia City Code: 175.03 PLACING DEBRIS ON STREETS. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or deposit on any street or alley any glass, glass bottle, nails, cans, trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, offal, lawn clippings, leaves, or any other debris, or any other substance likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.369)

Reminder that a pool fence is required in the City of Albia as of July 1, 2021. Please comply as we will be enforcing the ordinance.
Thank you
City of Albia

Max levy notice 2022:
Proposed parking ordinance:
Non-working Appliances

Do you need assistance with removing non-working appliances from your yard/home?
Call for free removal assistance details: 641-814-2071

Junk Vehicles
  • Good Afternoon City of Albia,
  • Do you perhaps have a non-working vehicle/ working vehicle you are no longer in need using up space and are in need of assistance removing from your property? 
  • This task does not need to be an extra expense to you but instead an investment. 
  • City of Albia has located assistance for same day removal of non-working/ un-wanted vehicles. 
  • Mark A. Witt (641) 969-4613 will purchase these vehicles and remove from your property (purchasing prices may vary pending on vehicle). All purchasing/ removal agreements will be between you the resident and Mark directly.
Pool Fencing Ordinance Passed, Effective Date: July, 1, 2021
Utility Increase Passed 10/19/2020: